Candle Décor

  • Designed to reflect your style, your mood, and your personality.
  • These unique Jar Sleeves and Pedestals mix and match to create a look that is truly your own.
  • So you’ve found your Signature Scent, now find the ideal way to display it with your own personal flair.
    Choose this season’s must-have Christmas décor item, designed to be
    made truly personal. These Mix & Match jar candle accessories are all about your take on festive styling.
  • With 8 items to choose from, make your look truly unique to you.
  • To bring out the charm of Christmas, we created a collection inspired by the most festive colours and designs.
  • The magic of the season is brought to life with a childlike spirit and a focus on glistening baubles, sparkling ornaments and gingerbread men.
  • Celebrate the season with festive aromas inspired by the ingredients of nature’s bounty.
  • Vanilla berries, juicy juniper citrus and succulent dark fruits come together to create a joyous sensory experience that is decadent and delicious, blissful and bubbly.
  • This joyous seasonal offering is Merry & Bright.
  • Pair the trend with the perfect fragrances.
  • Enjoy a collection that evokes Winter’s natural tones, where icy blues and frosty greens infuse with white ceramics and cool silvers.
  • Elegantly modern, yet still effortlessly festive, this décor array is simply unique.
  • As twilight descends, moonlight falls on a white blanket of snow and nestled beneath lie nature’s treasures, preserved in perfect freshness.
  • Peppermint snowflakes and balsam snow are fractured by rays of pale pinks and soft blue greens. These fragrant moments in time are preserved in Ice & Snow.
  • Pair the trend with the perfect fragrances.
  • This trend feature inspired a stunning range packed with unexpected materials and quirky design motifs, taking colour and scent cues from nature.
  • From floral and forest wildlife as inspiration, muted natural colours contrast with distressed metallics for a cosy yet chic feel.
  • Our Simply Nature trend has been designed so that all home accessories work together in harmony.
  • Each décor piece brings the outdoors in with a touch of nature and adds a cheerful overtone to any muted home colour scheme.
  • Our décor is lovingly created to elevate the beauty of our Fragrances.
  • This Simply Nature collection enhances the scents of the outdoors.
  • In-vogue interiors are motivated by vintage home styling. Taking inspiration from this trend, we enhance mirrored surfaces and antique furnishings with our shimmering metallics and iridescent finished décor.
  • Navy is the new black in 2017’s colour palette. To create a luxurious and editorial home look, we complement dark velvet cushions and drapes with deep blues and bronze décor.
  • Silver and rose gold metallic Jar Holders reflect a gentle light, while iridescent gold finished Hurricanes cast a fractured shimmer. This glistening metallic décor gives a striking look when placed against dark woods or a muted palette.


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